Tool Description
LDCurve A tool for automatically creating bacterial load duration curves for water quality segments in the State of Texas.
Schematic Processor Schematic Processor contains ArcGIS (version 10) geoprocessing script tools for processing an Arc Hydro schematic network.
CaLF The Calculator for Low Flows is a tool for generating the 7Q2, flow duration curves, the harmonic mean, and the Lyons Method minimum flow.
Optimized Pit Removal Contains ArcGIS (version 10.1) geoprocessing script tools for removing pits (or sinks) from Digital Elevation Models using a combination of cut and fill. This alternative to the standard Fill tool provides more realistic flow paths with less required manual adjustment. Ideal for high-resolution datasets such as LiDAR.
Create Hexagon Tessellation An ArcGIS 10.1 geoprocessing tool for creating a mesh of regular hexagons in a study area.
RiverML Preliminary documentation for the RiverML information model which is currently under development.
Hydrologic Trend Analysis Tool ArcGIS 10 script tool for generating time series of GRACE Terrestrial Water Storage and GLDAS Soil Moisture over user defined land regions.
Fluviageny An ArcGIS 10.1 geoprocessing tool for computing fluviageny codes in a river network.